About Us

We sell and distribute drinks and food products.

At our store, situated in Guimarães, you will find a broad range of national and international gourmet products, as well as a restaurant with take-away service, by the renowned chef Pedro Nunes.

We distribute our products to customers directly from our warehouse. We serve the catering, hotel, bakery and supermarket sectors, where we have many high-profile clients such as Grupo Cafeina, Hotel Ritz and El Corte Inglés. We have a respectable portfolio of national and international products such as Nieeport wines, Quinta do Crasto, Taylor's, Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo, Herdade da Malhadinha Nova, Quinta das Bágeiras, Quinta do Roi, Odysseia Wines and Casas do Côro, among others. We are also representatives of prestigious champagne brands such as H. Blin and Boerl & Kroff, as well as the sparkling French wine, Veuve Ambal.

Our food products range also includes exclusive distribution of Açafrão and Lote 26 brands. Açafrão differentiates itself by providing high-quality pre-cooked meals and aims to demystify what quality should mean in this market segment. The business structure of Casa Gourmet relies on diversity and careful selection of its product portfolio, clients and markets, as well as an efficient after-sales service.

Our main objective is to consolidate our position in the domestic market, and to exploit the potential of the global market, with special focus on food products brands Açafrão and Lote 26.

Our History

Casa Gourmet was born in 2005, its store located in Guimarães, aiming to meet the demands of the gourmet market segment.

The company rapidly achieved market recognition. The opportunity to branch out to wine distribution soon came, and the business quickly grew. As such, it needed to expand its facilities, having, since 2013, a large warehouse located in Fafe.


R. Manuel Saraiva Brandão 217,
4820-242 Guimarães, Portugal

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